Why pinkapplesauce?  Our pinkapplesauce name and logo come from memories of our Gramma Mary Fetzer, wife of a second generation Fetzer brother, our Grampa Joe Fetzer. Mary lovingly canned cinnamony-sweet pink apple sauce from apples that grew in her home orchard on the corner of Broad and Harrison Streets in Bedford, Ohio, serving it warm on Thanksgiving Day. Those memories of love, sweetness, and warmth encouraged us to illustrate and write about the love parents have for their children in our book, I love you all the time!. And those memories also encouraged us to can our own pink applesauce in Mary’s memory. The photo of some of those old-fashioned Atlas and Lamb canning jars cooling on a red porcelain-top table, filled with our homemade pink applesauce, is now a part of our pinkapplesauce logo (along with the pink apple-heart) and, as well, our family’s heritage.